Time Between Ceremony and Reception Extended to Torture Wedding Guests


Guests at the Reimer-Claassen wedding this weekend were treated to a torturous five-hour gap between the ceremony and reception so that the couple could “take pictures.”

“There’s nothing to do out here. We’re a hundred miles from civilization and I’m wearing a tuxedo, so it’s not like I can go fishing or something,” complained Mr. Thiessen. “And who are they kidding with this ‘taking pictures’ thing. I heard they got a room at that motel out on the highway.”

With nothing to do on the Claassen farm but sit there are wait for hours, more than two hundred guests decided to “hang it all” and take off to Lincoln to do some shopping.

“They’ve got us way out here in the middle of nowhere. What are we supposed to do all afternoon?” said Mrs. Friesen. “I ain’t waiting five hours for a reception in the church basement with no booze and no dancing.”

When the reception finally began, the couple found themselves in a completely empty room, which apparently suited them just fine.

“The hotel was all booked,” said the groom. “I guess the church basement is better than nothing.”

The couple was also able to take home more than three hundred pounds of rhubarb platz.

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