Chihuahua Faspa Cancelled After Oma Runs Out of Queso Menonita


The Falks of Manitoba Colony had to make a last minute cancellation of fapsa this week after Oma Falk completely forgot to buy more queso Menonita.

“As much as we love her tweeback, there was just no way I was going to sit down and eat without my queso Menonita!” exclaimed young Pieta Falk. “I really don’t understand how she could lay out all the food on the table like that and not put out the cheese!”

According to Oma Falk, all the cheese had been melted and consumed during a fondue earlier in the week and she had no idea her supply was running so low.

“I guess we’ll just fire up the disco instead,” said Oma. “I know it’s not faspa, but it’ll have to do.”

Meanwhile, the Ungers of Manitoba Colony also had to cancel faspa after it was discovered that their supply of formavorscht had mysteriously disappeared one afternoon during meddachschlop.

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