Klik Returns to Mennonite Pantries for the First Time in Centuries


As humans across the globe shut themselves indoors and withdraw from normal life, it seems that nature has taken over. This retreat to pre-human existence is no more evident than in the pantries of Mennonite homes, which have seen a return of Klik for the first time in centuries.

“I never thought I’d see the day that Klik would return,” said Mr. Krahn of Grassy Lake, Alberta. “You know I had forgotten all about it, but I’ve heard it used to be really common in these parts.”

For hundreds of years, Klik had a free rein in Mennonite pantries, but more recently the Klik population had been forced to live in secluded areas like the menu at Taunte Lina’s Truck Stop and Eatery.

“From my research, I see that Klik used to co-mingle with the mayonnaise all over the Canadian prairies,” said Mr. Krahn. “I guess those days are returning.”

When Mr. Krahn spotted a rare can of Klik as he opened his pantry this morning, he was so shocked that he immediately snapped a picture to send to National Geographic.

“I’m a nature lover, so I was pretty excited,” said Mr. Krahn. “It’s not every day you can photograph an endangered species.”

Mr. Krahn’s wife Helen predicts a growing population of Klik in the Krahn pantry over the next few months, saying that “the store is sold out of everything else.”

(Klik pic: Dave O/CC)
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