Word Bird Accidentally Gives Fred Penner Low German Word


Producers were scrambling on the set of Fred Penner’s Place this week after the beloved children’s entertainer was given the Low German word “gnurpel” by the Word Bird.

Waut de schissjat is going on here?” yelled assistant director Al Peters. “Who approved ‘gnurpel‘? This is live television! Well good luck and God bless with that one, Fred.”

Unfazed by the word, Fred Penner read out each letter with his usual poise and charm.

“G-N-U-R-P-E-L. Do you know what that spells, kids? Gnurpel!” said Penner. “Everyone say Gnurpel!”

Penner then launched into an improvised song about cartilage entitled “Gnurpel Sandwiches are Beautiful” followed up by “The Cat Came Back Just for the Gnurpel.”

“I don’t know where the Word Bird is coming up with his material,” said Penner after the taping. “Somehow he must have gotten access to Jack Thiessen’s dictionary. I’m expecting Schwiena’rie and Broodaschauft in coming days.”

In other news, early reports indicate that Mr. Dressup’s tickle trunk has been filled with nothing but black hats, suspenders and floral-patterened dresses.

(photo credit: YouTube/modified) 

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