Mennonite Grandfather Shocked to Discover He’s Actually Greek


Area man Walter Dyck, 81, of Mennville took a trip into Winnipeg this week and was shocked to discover the word Opa! plastered all over the city’s Greek restaurants.

“As soon as I saw that I slammed on the breaks and had to go inside,” said Dyck, progenitor to 76 strapping young grandchildren. “I expect a restaurant like that in Vankla or Schteinback, but I had no idea they had a restaurant just for us Opas here in Vanapag. I sure hope their kielke is up to snuff.”

Dyck tried to order from the menu, but it was very confusing and didn’t contain a single word of Low German.

“So I just ordered the daily special,” said Dyck. “I’ve never had vereniki with feta cheese inside it before.”

Dyck says he enjoyed the experience, but didn’t quite understand why everyone kept yelled “Opa!” all the time and breaking plates.

“I appreciate the love and affection for us Opas, but it was a little much,” said Dyck. “It sure wasn’t the ‘quiet in the land’ experiment that I’m used to.”

Dyck says he’ll return to Opa! the next time he’s in the city, but his wife Tina is really hoping someone opens an Oma! restaurant right next door.

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