Mennonite Child Learns Whole New Vocabulary While Dad is Watching the Jets Game


Area child Jeremy Klassen, 7, has expanded his Plautdietsch vocabulary tenfold this afternoon while his father Sam, 39, watched yet another abysmal performance by the Winnipeg Jets. 

“Daddy, what does Schinda mean?” wondered little Jeremy. “Oh and why are you yelling Diewel all the time?”

Sam was yelling at the TV all afternoon, which he says is just his way of passing on the language to his son.

“How else is he going to learn Low German?” said Sam. “He’s certainly not learning these words from his mother, that’s for sure.”

Also new to little Jeremy was the expression, “Waut es mit die, du ola Schnodda Näs!”

“It’s important that we don’t let our language be lost,” said Sam. “Dietschlaunt! Did you see that call?”

Thankfully, all of this comes just in time for little Jeremy’s Low German vocabulary test in school on Monday.

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