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The Headline Contest is back! Here’s your chance to write a headline for The Unger Review. At the end of the week the top 3 headlines, as selected by The Unger Review, will be put up for a vote and a winner will be declared! A couple tips – Try to stylize your submission like a newspaper headline … but funny.

Remember, we’re not looking for a caption, we’re looking for a headline.

For example, a caption would be something like, “Oba, Martha, looks like it’s time for meddachschlop.”

On the other hand, a headline would be something like: Mennonite Couple Eager to Finishing Plowing and Have their Meddachschlop

The content does not have to be about Mennonites, but given the audience of voters it probably doesn’t hurt.

After 12 contests (which is coming up soon) the winners will be put into a draw for a free book by Andrew Unger. He may, on occasion, even turn these headlines into full articles!

By submitting your headline you are certifying that the headline is your own original idea and has not been published before. You give permission to The Unger Review to publish your headline and name. The Unger Review may disqualify headlines for any reason we see fit, especially, but not limited to the idea being really bad or a total grammatical mess.

Submit your headlines by Saturday, May 4, 2024, 11:59 pm.

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