Local Soccer Mom Undergoes Surgery to Become Hockey Mom


Area woman, Jessica V. Brandt, has recently undergone plastic surgery just in time for the winter hockey season.

“I have this procedure done once a year,” said Brandt. “As soon as the kids start strapping on the skates, I know it’s time for me to go under the knife.”

Brandt says that being a hockey mom is much more difficult than her former life as a soccer mom.

“There’s more equipment, the practices are earlier, and I have to spend a lot of time in a freezing cold arena,” said Brandt. “I’m basically transformed into a completely different person.”

In addition to differences in physical appearance, Brandt says she also notices some changes to her personality when hockey season comes around.

“I yell a lot more,” said Brandt. “At the refs, at my kid, at the coach. With soccer it’s just not like that for some reason.”

Brandt says she plans to stay a hockey mom until about April this year, unless her son’s team makes the playoffs, in which case she will postpone her annual spring surgery until it’s clear that Patrick is ready for soccer once again.

(Photo credit: by Gatanass/CC)

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