Local Pastor ‘Fuming Mad’ He Wasn’t Invited to ‘First Ministers Meeting’


A pastor of a small town Mennonite church was absolutely furious this week after he found out he did not get in invite to the First Ministers meeting in Montreal.

“What, so the Premier of Alberta gets an invite, but the associate minister and part-time Sunday School co-ordinator at West Leamington Mennonite does not?” exclaimed Minister Fehr. “This is an outrage!”

Minister Fehr has been heading up West Leamington for the past ten years and he has always considered himself a leader in the community.

“And then not to be invited to high level meetings with the Prime Minister,” said Fehr. “It’s like a slap in the face!”

Fehr says he’s so upset that he just might threaten to cut off the quilt supply that’s been flowing out of Leamington for decades.

“If they don’t even invite us to the table, then maybe they’d like to see how they do without our comfy quilts this winter!” said Fehr. “You can’t call a First Ministers meeting and not have Mennonite minister representation. I mean, they should at least invite the Fäasenja!”

(photo credit: Premier of Alberta/CC)

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