Local Man Becomes Mennonite Just for the Jokes


Area man and budding comedian Darryl Harris, 41, has taken up membership at his local Mennonite church just so he can tell all the jokes without retribution.

“I love the one about how everything has an end, but a sausage has two,” said Harris, “but I knew I couldn’t tell that joke unless I was a full fledged Menno, which is why I got baptized at the nearest opportunity.”

Harris says he also loves the one about the Mennonites who stretched a penny into copper wire and the one about the difference between a canoe and a Mennonite.

“Plus there’s the one about how many Mennonites it takes to change a lightbulb,” said Harris. “The answer? Change? Ha ha ha. Good thing I’m Mennonite, or I’d really get in trouble for telling that joke.”

Harris said he got the idea of converting just for the jokes from a rerun of Seinfeld, and says he plans to go into standup comedy. Detractors say he really doesn’t have any right to these jokes until he marries into the Loewen or Plett family.

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