Indiana Church Starts Campaign to Help White Billionaire Pay Traffic Ticket


Indiana residents are being asked to reach deep into their pockets this week and lend a hand to local white billionaire and Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay in his time of need.

“We’ve got to help this man out,” said Colts fan and billionaire-sympathizer Adam Yoder. “It’s the holidays, you know, so it’s nice to be charitable.”

The campaign is hoping to raise upwards of $300 to help the white billionaire pay a traffic ticket or whatever it was he was complaining about.

“White billionaires in the area are really underserved,” explained Yoder. “If there’s one group that need our assistance it’s those white billionaires.”

Yoder is also enlisting church members to do what they can.

“This Sunday, we’re going to have our first annual Quilt Auction in Support of White Billionaires,” said Yoder. “It’s the least we can do.”

(photo credit: WEBN-TV/CC)

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