A List of Prominent Mennonites on Leaked Convoy Donor List

Thanks to a mysterious package left in the church mailbox this morning, The Daily Bonnet has obtained a complete list of convoy donors and, surprise surprise, there are a few prominent Mennos on the list. Let’s have a look at who they are what they donated yet.

  • Fuela’ Jake, Taber – two gallons of used tractor oil and a Danny Orlis book “to keep them entertained.”
  • Pastor Toby, Pansy – three litres of “fresh certified” baptismal water and $5000 in bail money
  • Helen of over near Plum Coulee somewheres – her entire collection of used tea bags that she was going to send to missionaries.
  • Anonymous, but had to be a Menno – a copy of Martys Mirror with a bunch of blank pages so protestors can write in their own names.
  • Oncle Obrom, Vankla – zoat, lots and lots of zoat.
  • Mr. Eby, St. Jacobs – a shovel, “to scoop up the manure”
  • Andrew Unger, Steinbach – a roll of Plautdietsch vaccine stickers
  • Taunte Tina, Chilliwack – an ice cream pail of bran muffins “to keep them regular” and some slightly stale schnetje and jam.
  • Pastor Dave, Schlamfeld –five German Bibles and two catechism books.
  • Various Mennonite Members of Parliament – “thoughts and prayers”
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