Highway 3 from Morden Makes Sharp Left Turn to Avoid Winkler


Instead of going straight into Winkler, Highway 3 makes an abrupt turn north just as it meets Highway 14.

“Typical Mordeners, always scared of a little dose of church,” said Winkler resident Mr. Klassen. “We even built Highway 14 right up next to Highway 3 for them and they still avoid us like the plague … except to work or use the hospital I guess.”

The 3 and 14 rivalry has split the communities with Mordeners refusing to acknowledge the existence of Highway 14 and Winklerites only using Highway 3 on beer runs into Morden.

“It’s strange, as soon as the 14 becomes the 3 I stop speaking Plautdietsch and I get a hankering for a nice IPA,” said Mr. Klassen. “It’s like the wardrobe into Narnia or something.”

Mr. Doerksen of Morden, on the other hand, says as soon as the 3 becomes the 14 he starts using “Dietschlaund” as a swear word and ceases tipping completely.

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