Grandkids Horrified as Grandma Reimer Texts “I’m Mennonite AF”


Mrs. Reimer, 68, of Manitoba Colony was very excited to try out the new iPhone she just got and was immediately impressed by how easy it was to use.

“You don’t even have to type whole words. The teens these days have all these clever abbreviations yet,” said Mrs. Reimer. “I see they keep posting things like ‘I’m lit AF’ or ‘I’m tired AF’. Well, so I wrote ‘I’m Mennonite AF.'”

Mrs. Reimer was so enthusiastic about her new discovery that she added it to the end of nearly every sentence “just like my grandkids.”

“The Sunday evening service was blessed AF. I enjoyed looking at Mrs. Klassen’s petunias AF. These vereniki are always soft AF. I really wish my Waldemar would clean out the garage AF.”

When they discovered the tweets, the Reimer kids took action, sitting grandma down and explaining that she just couldn’t go around texting like that.

“Oba, those kids. I’m a grown woman AF. Those kids are concerned AF,” said Mrs. Reimer. “They should mind their own business AF.”

But just in case anyone misunderstood her intentions, Mrs. Reimer explained in a lengthy Facebook post that being a Mennonite was a life-long 24/7 commitment and was not just something that happened after faspa.

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