GCer Wins Safe Passage Through Treacherous Fraser Valley Full of MBers


Art from Rosthern, self-proclaimed king of the GCers, was travelling through the Fraser Valley this week en route to Vancouver, where he heard he just might find the Holy Grail or at least some really good cannabis, when he was stopped by an MBer dressed in black.

“None shall pass,” said MBer Henry Rempel, proudly holding a ploughshare. “I move for no Mennonite.”

Rempel stood his ground and explained that the MBs, you know, basically control the Fraser Valley and that if this GCer from Saskatchewan or wherever wanted to pass, he’d have to defeat him in a violent physical duel – Dutch Blitz.

“So be it,” yelled Art from Rosthern, as he drew his set of Bucket cards and slammed card after card onto the table. “Now stand aside, worthy adversary.”

It didn’t take long and Henry Rempel was missing an arm, then another arm, and a leg too.

“That’s only a scratch,” said Henry Rempel with a scoff. “Have you never played Dutch Blitz before? ‘Tis only a flesh wound.”

The battle went on for many minutes until Art from Rosthern decided his opponent was so riddled with Dutch Blitz injuries that he could easily make it through the valley unmolested.

“I think it went pretty well,” said Art from Rosthern. “The fellow back in Taber, Alberta wanted to know my favourite colour … and my favourite hymn too.”

Art from Rosthern will be enjoying his time in Vancouver very soon, while Henry Rempel will go back home and have his wife Martha tend to his wounds.

(photo credit: YouTube)

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