Montrealers Just Don’t Take Cops Seriously Anymore After Decades of ‘Just for Laughs’ Gags


Residents of Canada’s second largest city simply do not take cops seriously anymore after decades of the popular TV show Just pour rire: Les Gags. Mr. Tremblay, for example, was pulled over for going 65 in a 50 zone and was instantly looking for the hidden cameras.

“Oh, you guys, that’s a good one,” said Tremblay. “Where are the cameras? This is hilarious. I’m on TV, right?”

Officer Fortin tried to issue Tremblay the ticket, but he just kept throwing his arm around him and laughing hysterically.

“This is the best! Just for Laughs! You’re going to make-out with the other cop, right?” said Tremblay. “Or ask us to watch a criminal for you while you take a leak? OMG! I’ve got to text Juliette! I’m going to be on television!”

Eventually, Officer Fortin managed to write the ticket, but Mr. Tremblay simply ripped it up and pointed at the bushes where he assumed there was a camera.

“I haven’t met my ticket quota in years,” said Officer Fortin. “Well, I guess it doesn’t help that I’m wearing this wig and clown nose.”

In unrelated news, sources say that the priest and nun spotted holding hands in La Fontaine Park are actually a real couple and not part of any sort of comedy troupe.

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