King Charles Unveils Stunning New Portrait


In a ceremony earlier this morning, His Majesty King Charles III pulled back the curtain on his very first portrait since ascending to the throne. The image portrays the monarch in vivid detail.

“It’s so lifelike I thought it was a photograph,” said art critic Theodore Mierau. “The giant red squares really bring out his eyes, you know?”

Although the painting gives a vivid impression of the King during this senior years, it also is said to tell us something about his personality.

“What can I say?” said Mireau. “The man sure likes his HP sauce.”

Charles said he liked the portrait and found it rather flattering.

“Better than that one of Princess Kate,” acknowledged Charles. “I couldn’t even recognize her. I’m just glad the artist painted on the correct number of fingers this time.”

The new portrait will hang in the National Portrait Gallery alongside other works by Mark Rothko including his famous portrait of Winston Churchill called “Untitled (Black on Grey)”, and his marvellous depiction of the English countryside entitled “No. 6 (Violet, Green and Red)”.

(photo credit: ActuaLitte/CC)

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