Spring is Here! Manitobans Excited for Only 8 More Weeks of Winter


It’s the beginning of spring and, you know what that means – only 8 more weeks of winter here in Manitoba.

“I always love this time of year,” said Garth Reimer of Killarney. “Days are getting longer, people are eager to get outside, and here in Manitoba we have just 8 more weeks of winter to endure.”

Springtime is the time of year, says Reimer, when Manitobans start their countdown to temperate weather, which usually arrives sometime in June.

“We’re on the edge of our seats in anticipation,” said Reimer. “I just can’t wait until Canada Day when the sun is out and the snow’s finally melted away.”

Meanwhile, Reimer’s cousins in BC are excited that they have only 8 more weeks until that one summer day when it’s not raining.

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