Winkler Area Church to Meet in Bouncy Castle


Having outgrown the capacity of a nearby storage shed, a Winkler area church has decided to relocate the entire congregation to a bouncy castle they’ve inflated on the Kroeker yard.

“Oh, look, a sock!” said Mr. Fehr as he slid down the slide nearly popping the structure and crushing an unsuspecting Wiebe. “Hey, there’s even some loose change between these cushions. Looks like I won’t need to tithe this morning!”

Church leaders feel the new bouncy castle will draw in large crowds that a plain old ordinary farm equipment shed simply cannot.

“Many of these folks spend a lot of time in bouncy castles anyway,” said Pastor Jim. “We’re a seeker sensitive congregation. Outreach is our number one goal. Gotta make the people comfortable.”

Pastor Jim says all churchgoers will be asked to clean their sticky fingers with a damp tobbdüak and will be asked to get into their jammies before the puppet show.

(photo credit: Elliot Brown/CC)

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