Babylon Bee Accidentally Mocks Rich White Cis Hetero Man


After garnering a substantial following by mocking people who are different than them, the staff at fundamentalist Christian satire site Babylon Bee accidentally poked fun a rich white cisgender heterosexual male this week.

“I’m not sure how that piece was allowed to slip through our strict editorial guidelines, which prohibit any ideas that might challenge the narrative of our devout legion of readers,” said Babylon Bee CEO Dylan Cain. “That’s what satire is for, right? Calmly reassuring folks that the problem is over there with ‘those people’ rather than right here with ‘us’?”

It was the first article since the website’s buyout in 2018 that included even the remotest degree of self-reflection, and as a result, received considerable backlash from readers and was quickly retracted. The website vowed never to misuse their platform by “punching up” ever again.

“At Babylon Bee, we are committed to bringing nothing but the finest in ‘satirical’ writing that will encourage you to continue comfortably believing what you already believe,” said Cain. “After all, confirming our preconceived notions about the world is exactly what good satire is all about, right?”

Babylon Bee went back to their usual programming this morning by writing a variation on Jonathan Swift’s Modest Proposal where they take the side of the rich and say the poor really do deserve to be eaten.

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