What Happens if We Use Google Translate on Our Favourite Mennonite Hymns?

I’m sure we’ve all tried Google Translate once in a while. Much to my chagrin it does not have a Plautdietsch option. But maybe that’s okay because we all know that it doesn’t work 100% anyway. Sometimes the results are way off!

So, here’s what we did. We’ve taken a number of popular hymns, ran them through a few languages on Google Translate and then translated them back to English. Here are the results. Why not try the new lyrics next Sunday!

Great is Thy Faithfulness (4th verse)

Forgiveness and peace.

Because you love and are happy.

The electrician goes home and the dog lights up.

Bless everything in the tens of thousands

Hymn 606:

Thank you for your liver.

Praise His last days.

Praise is an angel.

Father of the Holy Spirit.


In the Bulb There is a Flower

Light with flowers;

Crab, bees, cocoa,

performed a secret:

The butterfly will be out soon! 

It is capital to look the eye,

For the season only God is manifest.

True Evangelical Faith:

The real gospel cannot sleep.

We’re naked for that calms the disabled,

Feeds the hungry,

And gives refuge to the poor.


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