Mennonite Woman Concerned She Might be Anglican


A young Mennonite woman from Winnipeg has been wondering lately whether it just might be that she’s actually an Anglican. Miss Enns, 23, started having Anglican thoughts a few years ago and has even attended a service or two.

“I don’t know what it is, but I tend to gravitate towards the liturgical,” said Enns. “There are just times when I feel like going up to the front and drinking communion from a communal goblet rather than sitting around waiting for Mr. Klassen to hand out the tiny plastic cups.”

Enns says she’s not sure she’s ready to tell her parents, who are committed members at Northwest Kildonan EMBC church.

“I know what they’d say, ‘Who’s gonna make faspa if you’re an Anglican?’ or ‘What kind of example are you setting for your future children?’ but that just doesn’t change how I feel,” said Enns. “To me, I’d much rather worship the Lord sitting beneath a beautiful stained glass window, rather than crammed up next to Mrs. Doeksen in the women’s section.”

Some of Enns’s friends have been supportive of her journey, but her father Darryl is really shook up over it.

“It’s like one day she’s all about Menno Simons and the next it’s all Henry the VIII. I can’t figure it out,” said Darryl. “All I can hope is that she doesn’t find some Anglican boy and then all my grandkids wind up as Armstrongs or Smiths or something.”

Enns says she’s almost ready to join the Church of England if only she can figure out someway to go back in time twenty-three years and be baptized as an infant.

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