Mennonite Man Born February 29, 1944 Finally Old Enough to Have a Drink


A Russlander Mennonite who immigrated to Canada after World War II is finally old enough to consume adult beverages in the province of Ontario.

“February 29, 1944 – that’s what my birth certificate says,” explains Mr. Driedger. “I know I don’t look it, but I’m just barely in my twenties.”

The curse of being born on a leap day has kept young Mr. Driedger from a lot of temptations that have befallen other Mennonites.

“I don’t vote. I don’t drink. I don’t dance,” said Mr. Driedger. “I’m keeping all the Mennonite traditions alive!”

Driedger says he was tempted to drink in his teens, but the elders kept him on a straight and narrow path.

“He’s still a young man,” said elder Wiebe, who turned 55 this year. “Us seniors have to keep the young people in line!”

Mr. Driedger is especially excited for his birthday because he’ll finally be able to usher in church and sit at the grown ups table during faspa.

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