Mennonite Woman Clings Tightly to Casserole as Husband Drives to Potluck


Mrs. Dierdre F. Banman was seen firmly gripping her casserole on the way to the Kleine Gemeinde potluck this past Sunday.

“We meddachschlopped a little too long this afternoon,” explained Banman. “So we were late. I didn’t even have time to take off the oven mitts.”

Banman had that casserole firmly grasped between her gloved hands, with another couple over mitts on her lap to prevent burning her thighs.

“I’m a pro at driving under the influence of casserole,” said Banman. “The whole church is looking forward to my pizza sauce and green been casserole and I can’t let them down.”

The casework was reportedly no worse for wear and still took first prize in the annual Kleine Gemeinde casserole cook off.

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