Winkler Manitoba to Honour City Founder ‘Fonzie’


A 50-metre statue of Happy Days star Henry Winkler is set for construction right across the four-lane highway from Southland Mall in Winkler, Manitoba.

“It was about darn time. As Mennonites, it’s very important for us to honour local heroes,” said Winkler city councillor Dwight Peters. “The Fonz has always been integral to the identity and character of our fair city and it’s time we honoured him with a huge tacky statue.”

Before Henry Winkler starred as Fonzie in Happy Days, he spent his teen years at a local pig farm. His performance with the hogs was so impressive that the town was named after him.

“The statue should cost about 30 million,” said Peters, “which is a small price to pay to tribute the man that brought us all here in the first place.”

In a candid moment Peters admitted that the construction of the statue was partially motivated by a desire to outdo the dinosaur sign that greets visitors to neighbouring Morden.

“They’ve got dinosaurs,” said Peters. “Well, we’ve got washed up actors. Take your pick.”

The Henry Winkler statue is set for completion in time for the Harvest Festival in August.

(photo credit: soupstance/CC/modified)

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