Counting Crows Launch New Fragrance ‘The Smell of Hospitals in Winter’


90s rockers Counting Crows have finally released a fragrance befitting their 1996 hit song “A Long December.”

“For almost 30 years, our fans have wondered about the ‘smell of hospitals in winter’ and now they can finally discover the unmistakable musk for themselves,” said singer-songwriter Adam Duritz. “We’ll be selling the new ‘Winter Hospital Smell’ cologne at the merch booth at all upcoming shows.”

The song has become something of a seasonal classic in recent years, and this has meant a lot of folks are eager to pick up the new fragrance.

“Quite frankly, I wish I had a scent like this 20 years ago,” said diehard Counting Crows fan Colin Bergmann. “Would have saved me a lot of effort at those after-parties.”

The demand is so high that the band has already tasked accordianist Charlie Gillingham with collecting winter hospital aromas from around the country.

“Every city we go, Charlie’s got to stop at the nearest hospital and take a sample,” said Duritz. “Eventually we plan to offer a wide range of winter hospital smell perfumes and colognes.”

The sales so far are quite good, but Duritz insists this year may be even better than the last.

(photo credit: Alexander Cason/CC)

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