Mennonites Stage Production of ‘The Nutcracker’ Without All the Dancing


In what has been praised as the “most innovative” ballet production in almost a century, the Mennonite Nutcracker wowed a packed house in a North Kildonan EMB church basement this week.

“I’ve never seen anything like it. The stamina and flexibility of Mrs. Janzen to just sit there for 2 hours cracking nuts was incredible,” said Mennonite ballet fan Anne Kehler. “At one point Mrs. Janzen did 32 frowny faces in a row.”

Prima ballerina Mrs. Janzen was accompanied by a remarkable corps de ballet of Mennonites, many of whom sported loose fitting clothes so-as to show off their non-dancing.

“By the time we got to the ‘Non-dance of the Plumemoos Fairy’ I was in tears,” said Kehler. “I’ve never seen such lovely nut-cracking and cold plum soup-eating in my life.”

The second half of the production includes a beautiful choreographed crokinole tournament and a dream sequence where the men clean up the dishes after Christmas dinner.

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