Congregation Shocked as Guitarist Snaps a G String


Parishioners at the South Salem Mennonite Church were in shock this last week after song leader and guitarist Miss Horsch lost her G string right in the middle of “10,000 Reasons.”

“I’ve never seen anything like it. I mean, sure, I’ve seen the youth leader lose a C or even a high E, but never in all my years at this church have I seen a snapped G string,” said Mrs. Burkholder. “Let me tell you, my Earl had to get out the smelling salts after witnessing that G string come flying into the front row.”

Miss Horsch apologized for the errant G string and says she won’t play the guitar quite so vigorously next time.

“There’s a reason we mostly do hymns around here,” said Miss Horsch. “Those contemporary Praise and Worship songs really do a number on your G string!”

Miss Horsch managed to replace her G string with a new one and was ready to go by the time the worship team started playing, “Good Good Father.”

“I’ve always got an extra G string with me in church,” ¬†said Miss Horsch. “You never know when something like this is going to happen!”

The horrified response to the snapped G string at the Mennonite church stands in stark contrast to the evangelical megachurch across the road, where snapping G strings is a much more common occurrence.

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