Mennonite Man Has Suspenders Confiscated at Quebec Border


Johan Brubacher hitched up the wagon this week, eager to take his family to Montreal, a city renowned for Mennonite specialties like poutine and craft beer. However, as soon as the buggy crossed the Ottawa River he was accosted by the Sûreté du Québec, who immediately tore the suspenders off his back.

“There I was in Gatineau and I couldn’t even keep my pants on,” said Brubacher. “They said suspenders are a religious symbol and could not be worn in Quebec.”

Thanks to Quebec’s new secularist laws, Mr. Brubacher was hauled into the nearest police station and interrogated for hours with absolutely nothing to hold his pants up.

“They seized three Bibles and Anna’s copy of Martyrs Mirror,” said Brubacher. “I told them it was pretty ironic to be confiscating a book about martyrs, but they just laughed and said ‘rules are rules.'”

Under the new Quebec law all suspenders in the province will be confiscated and burned in a public square dedicated to the gods of “modern Quebec values” such as nihilism, intolerance, and bigotry.

(photo credit: Anne Worner/CC)

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