Church Elders to Investigate Member’s Involvement in Wordle Cheating Scandal


The posting of a “highly suspicious” Wordle score by Mrs. Lois Toews of Winkler has spurred on the church elders to investigate.

“A 1/6? Seriously, a 1/6? I’ve never seen that in all my days!” said Mr. Fehr, head of the Church Discipline committee. “We can tolerate some modest word game playing, but we simply cannot abide any cheating. What would the Lutherans think of us?”

Mrs. Toews will be asked to explain how on earth she got a 1/6 this Sunday after the adult formation class.

“Look, we get that you’re good at this game, but I don’t know how you could nail it on the first try without a little assistance,” said Mr. Fehr. “That Wordle took me all six guesses!”

In her defence, Mrs. Toews says she is just a “really good guesser,” and cited numerous examples to prove her guessing prowess.

“Just this summer, I spotted Mrs. Sawatzky trying to pass off store-bought strawberries as hand-picked,” said Mrs. Toews. “Plus I have an uncanny ability to guess what’s upcoming on Knackzoat radio’s “scripture verse of the day.””

Mrs. Sawatzky said she has nothing to be ashamed of and pleads with everyone to try “oba jo” as a starting word.

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