‘Unger’s Bible Dictionary’ Not Nearly As Hilarious As Mennonite Man Was Hoping


Assuming absolutely anything with the name Unger on it must be absolutely hilarious, local man Mr. Falk decided he’d pick up a copy of that Bible dictionary he’d seen kicking around.

“I’ve been reading Herman comics for years? You know Jim Unger? Plus, there’s that Daily Bonnet guy. I think he’s an Unger, too. He’s in the Unger book anyway,” said Mr. Falk. “But, man, this Merrill F. Unger is one serious dude. There’s not a single joke in this entire thing.”

Instead of hilarious commentary about Mennonite life today, Falk found a book full of English meanings of Greek and Hebrew words.

“Wow, so apparently there are four different words for Hell: Sheol, Hades, Gehanna, Tartarus,” said Falk. “Fascinting stuff, but hardly what I’d expect from an Unger.”

Falk was also disappointed that this Unger’s Bible Dictionary didn’t include a single Plautdietsch word, not even “waut de schissjat” or “jauma lied.”

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