Cheech & Chong Heading Straight for Niverville


After hearing the results of the recent cannabis plebiscite in the Mennonite town of Niverville, Cheech & Chong loaded up their VW van and hope to be in town by this weekend.

“We’ll be there for church on Sunday, man,” said Cheech. “We’ll just wait in the parking lot outside until the service is over. I’m sure you’ll have no trouble finding us, man.”

Mrs. Dyck had never heard of the duo, but was excited to invite them into her home as guests.

“I’ve heard they’re very enthusiastic about weeds,” said Mrs. Dyck. “So I am! It’s about time the weeds were given top priority in this town! Have you seen Mrs. Penner’s yard in summer?”

Others were a little concerned about the news.

“Diewel! What’s next!” exclaimed Mrs. Kroeker. “For twenty years I’ve been trying to explain to people that our town is not what it appears like in that David Bergen book, but now I have to confess that everything in that book is completely true. Oba!”

Nivervillers also voted to change the town slogan from “Where You Belong” to “Where You’ll Find Cheech & Chong.”

(photo credit: Daniel Hartwig/CC)

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