‘May the 3rd Be With You’: Confused Mennonite Man Sends Premature Greeting


Area man Larry Hiebert, 51, turned more than a few heads this Friday, after he spent the whole day greeting folks with a hearty “May the 3rd be with you.”

“He started on Wednesday, actually,” said co-worker Lois Unger. “May the 1st be with you. Then it was May the 2nd be with you. I don’t think he really gets it.”

Hiebert plans to carry on the tradition until the end of the month.

“I’ll be happy when this month is over,” said Unger. “But I’m pretty sure that man won’t stop until he gets to ‘May the 31st be you.'”

In his defence, Hiebert says he doesn’t really watch a whole lot of movies since it’s against his religion.

“But, hey, no one should complain about a little friendliness,” said Hiebert. “‘May the 4th be with you,’ to everyone!’

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