Introducing the All New 2019 Toyota Platz


Toyota has just announced the return of their popular Platz model. Originally only available in Japan in the early 2000s, Toyota has responded to the demands of North American Mennonites and unveiled an updated version of the classic car.

“Oba yo! The Klippenstein boys always made fun of me for driving a Japanese truck, but now they can’t say nothing. The Platz is the coolest car around,” said Corny Wall of Grunthal. “I bet this car goes zero to 60 in less than three bites of platz.”

The Toyota Platz features a large trunk for storing ice cream pails of Mrs. Wall’s famous rhubarb platz, although the trunk will serve other purposes as well.

“You can even put jars of pickled beets in there yet,” said Corny. “Diewel, this car is spashal!”

It’s not known why the Platz was originally only sold in Japan, but experts say it did increase Japanese interest in all things Mennonite.

“They were thinking of coming out with the Toyota Formavorscht, but the logo was a little too suggestive,” said industry expert Mr. Funk. “All I can say is I’m happy to have the Platz right here in Canada. I mean this car is amazing. It’s positively delicious!”

(photo credit: Tennen-Gas/CC)

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