Protestors Demand that Taylor Swift Get Around in this 1987 Plymouth


Disgusted by her use of a private jet, protestors are demanding that pop star Taylor Swift confine all travel to an old rusty Plymouth.

“Got to get from Tokyo to Las Vegas in 15 hours? Too bad,” said protestor Darren Unrau. “There’s no reason anyone needs anything more than the car my grandma drove.”

There is also an angry petition going around asking Swift to stop by each house as she passes to provide a selfie and quick 15 minute concert.

“I’m not expecting much,” said Unrau. “But if I can make it through life in a shitty old car from the 80s, than so should she.”

In other news, Boeing announced this week that they, too, would be getting in on the craze and just released plans for an all new jet based on an 87 Plymouth.

(photo credit: Bill Stilwell/CC)

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