Avid Outdoorsman Spends All Day Indoors Wearing Bass Pro Shops Cap


Area man Heinrich Wiens, 23, has a reputation around Seminole for being such an avid outdoorsman that he even wears a Bass Pro Shops cap.

“And you can’t fake that,” said fellow hunting and fishing enthusiast Corny Froese. “It’s not like they’ll sell one of these to just anyone.”

Wiens spends upwards of 70 to 80 hours each week at his favourite outdoorsy activity – his PlayStation 5.

“I feel really connected to nature, you know?” said Wiens. “I don’t understand all these people who can spend hour after hour staring at a screen watching television. I’ve got to get out there and do something real, you know? That’s why I’ve got my PS5 and Bass Prop Shops cap.”

Wiens’s cap has even garnered the attention of several female courters.

“Now that looks like a man who can provide for his family,” said Marcie Dueck, nearly swooning at the sight of Heinrich’s Bass Pro Shops cap. “We’ll never have to go hungry when you’ve got a man who can wear a cap like that.”

The folks at Bass Pro Shops headquarters say they have a very strict policy and will only sell these caps to people who can successfully attach a leader to fly line or at the very least stand around staring at their phone while the grownups do it.

(photo credit: ProperAndPolite/Wikicommons) 

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