Mennonite Mom to Post Embarrassing Birthday Greeting on Your Facebook Wall This Week


Amanda Funk, 17, of Goshen is fully expecting her mother to post an embarrassing birthday greeting on her Facebook wall this week.

“Oh my gosh, here it comes,” said Amanda. “I think she’s the only one in the world who still uses the post-directly-to-the-wall function. Why can’t she send a private message?”

Sure enough, Amanda’s wall was inundated with old photos of her in diapers and a greeting from her mom expressing just how much she loves her and hopes she has such a wonderful birthday.

“Okay, see, this is why no one under 40 uses Facebook,” said Amanda. “Looks like it’s back to TikTok for me.”

However, there was no escaping the love of her mother.

“Oh my gosh, Mom! Please stop,” exclaimed Amanda, upon viewing the birthday dance her mother had posted on TikTok.

Amanda’s Mom says she plans to continue embarrassing her daughter like this at least until Elon Musk unbans her from Twitter.

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