Taunte Lina Becomes Instagram Influencer


Unbeknownst to her grandchildren, over the past few months Taunte Lina has amassed a massive following and become one of Instagram’s top influencers.

“I can yikyak and tiktok with the best of them,” said Taunte Lina. “Mench ek sej, with the right lighting and a good photographer from Sommerfeld, I can look very sexy in my brown nylons tucked into my sneakers.”

In addition to provocative photos wearing nothing but a duak and a slip, Taunte Lina, who goes by name The Reinland Wraith, also posts inspirational quotes from the Luther Bible or selections from Danny Orlis books.

“I know averyone wants to be an influencer yet, but it’s not so easy,” said Taunte Lina. “My buns need to be pinched just right. Plus you have to place the dills in just the right position so they look flattering in the camera.”

Taunte Lina also has a YouTube channel where she sings old German hymns intercut with a word from her sponsor: Ronnie’s sunflower seeds.

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