Arena to Change Name Every Couple Years So You Never Remember What it’s Called


The downtown arena in Winnipeg has a radical new plan to make sure sports and music fans alike never know what the heck it’s called these days.

“At first we thought we’d change the name every couple years, but that wasn’t nearly confusing enough,” said arena spokesperson Abe McDoerksen. “We were always changing the name, just when fans were getting used to it. Well, that’s a bit too long if you ask me.”

The new plan will have the arena change names on a much more frequent basis.

“We’re going to go through every business in town. Give everyone a chance,” said McDoerksen. “Starting this Saturday the arena will be known as Chicken Delight Arena, followed by Salisbury House Place next week, and K-Tel Centre the week after that.”

The arena will also give one last hurrah for a beloved local confectionary company and will sport the name Nutty Club Arena the first week in March.

“Other names on the list include SAAN Centre, McNally Robinson Place, Palliser Rink, and Buhler Industries Stage,” said McDoerksen. “Everyone’s gonna have their week in the sun … and no one will know what the heck to call the place.”

Winnipegers are really excited about all the new names, but say they’re most looking forward to the upcoming week when the arena will sport the moniker FatBoy Auditorium.

(photo credit: Wpg guy/CC) 

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