Area Woman Buys Extra Advent Calendar to Count Down the Days Until the Start of Her Actual Advent Calendar


Local mom Kylie Neufeld, 37, is so excited for the chance to eat a little piece of chocolate each day this December that she has purchased an extra advent calendar which marks the days leading up to the opening of her real advent calendar.

“I was so excited come early November that I had to start counting down the days,” said Neufeld. “And the fact I get a little piece of waxy chocolate each day is just a bonus.”

Neufeld said she’s planning to start even earlier next year.

“I think I’ll buy a third one to start at the beginning of October,” said Neufeld. “Eventually, it’ll be a year-round tradition.”

In order to be more efficient, Neufeld plans to stock up on discount Halloween candy and create one massive 365-day-long advent calendar, which begins on December 26.

“With two toddlers and a pre-teen running around my house all day, I could use a chocolate break once in a while,” said Neufeld. “The way things are going, I might even throw in a few of those whiskey chocolates.”

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