Aging Mennonite Couple Still Fast-Forwards Through Sex Scenes


Mr. and Mrs. Peter and Nettie Dyck of Regina have been in the habit of fast-forwarding through sex scenes in movies since their children were young. The kids have long since grown up and started families of their own, but the Dycks still close their eyes and reach for the remote whenever things get a little steamy.

“Oba, Peter, where’s the remote? Looks like Richard Gere is taking off his shirt again!” said Mrs. Dyck, while re-watching An Officer and a Gentleman. “I don’t want you getting any ideas!”

Every Friday night the Dycks crack open a 2-litre bottle of Pepsi and pop a video cassette into the VCR, eagerly anticipating the chance to flip past the love scenes.

“I must admit there are times when I wish we could just throw caution to the wind and see everything that dreamy Kevin Costner has to offer,” said Mrs. Dyck. “But fast-forwarding through love scenes is a Dyck family tradition and it’s not about to change.”

The Dycks even purchased a second remote control so they could fast-forward together as a couple.

“It’s something that really brings us closer together,” said Mrs. Dyck. “Once when I was too tired of all the fast-forwarding during Dirty Dancing, Peter even offered to push my button for me. It was really sweet.”

The Dycks plan to put their feet up and fast-forward through the entirety of Game of Thrones this weekend.

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