“I am Mennonite,” Borat Reveals in New Film


A whole host of awkward and peculiar behaviour by renowned journalist Borat finally has an explanation that makes sense. Borat, apparently, is a Mennonite.

“I am Mennonite. Very nice,” says Borat in the opening scene of the new film, which has him explaining to police why his wife is riding on the roof of his pick-up truck.

While using a pseudonym to protect his identity, Borat is in actually in the Reimer book, which may explain his gregarious personality but not his propensity for immodest bathing suits.

“I always thought he had the Reimer nose,” said newly discovered close relative Sarah Reimer of Karaganda. “The socially inappropriate behaviour however, I just can’t figure that one out. Maybe he gets it from the Unger side.”

Borat grew up in a colony near Karaganda, but is not well known to locals.

“He hasn’t been in church in years,” says Sarah Reimer. “There’s a reason we sent him to North America. We figured he’d fit right in with the Mennonites out there.”

Borat’s new movie is already getting two thumbs up from Mennonite ministers, who plan to play the film right between the service and faspa.

(photo credit: Zscout370/CC)

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