Top Ten Mennonite Movies of 2020

Hollywood took quite the hit in 2020 with theatres closed for much of the year. For Mennonites, however, who fear nothing more than to be seen entering a movie theatre, 2020 was a blessing. With many folks doing their movie watching in the privacy of their own homes, even Mennonites got in on the action this year. So here they are – the top 10 Mennonite movies and series of 2020.

10. Dolittle – A day in the life of a local shekjbenjel.

9. Enns with Two Ns – A spin-off of Anne with an E, Enns with Two Ns tells the tale of a strange orphan girl who spells her name incorrectly but wins the hearts of her caretakers anyway. Also in pre-production for next year is Goertzen with a T.

8. The Social DilemmaA popular Netflix documentary about the dangers of letting Grandma Wiebe use the Internet.

7. The Mennodolarian – Set a long time ago in a Pennsylvania county far far away, The Mennodolarian is an action-packed adventure series that introduced the adorable Baby Yoder to the world.

6. Rebecca –  A Kleefeld woman bemoans the fact she wasn’t named Sarah or Aganetha.

5. Borat Subsequent Moviefilm – A G-rated wholesome film the whole family can enjoy. Oma Dueck’s number one film of the year. She insists on watching it at the gathering next Christmas!

4. Hillbilly Elegy – A documentary about Steinbach told from the perspective of everyone in Winnipeg.

3. The War with Opa – A return-to-form for acting legend Robert DeNiro, who definitely is not discrediting his reputation by doing b-level movies just for a paycheque, stars as Opa Froese in this heart-wrenching Oscar-worthy melodrama.

2. Bill and Ted Face the Music – Longtime Chortitz church song leaders Bill Friesen and Ted Neufeld travel in time to discover that drum beats are not actually from the Devil.

1. Bad Boys for Life – The Lewis Weiss/Tobias Tissen story.

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