Find Out Which Cousin You Will Marry

Plenty of online quizzes will tell you HOW SOON you’ll get married or in what month and other useless information like that. Only this Daily Bonnet chart will tell you which cousin you’ll marry. Let’s have a look.

Simply match your birth month and your first name to find out who you’ll be marrying. Very exciting!

For example, if my name was Martha and I was born in May, then I would be marry my second cousin Pastor Menno


If you were born:

January to March – first cousin

April to June – second cousin

July to September – third cousin

October to December – first cousin once removed


If your first name starts with the letter:

A – simple Bobby Friesen from Altona

B – Johan the hog farmer from the Interlake somewheres

C – Matthew the rebel Mennonite who smokes weed sometimes and live in the city

D – Peter, the one who thinks he’s a writer but actually is just a guy who works at the church pew factory

E – who lives in one of those really strict colonies in Belize

F – Abe from Friendenschantz

G – Abe from behind the old Klassen place

H – Corner Abe

I – Jake from Kansas

J – Corny from Paraguay

K – Knels, the one they shunned for six months last year

L – Peter, then when he passes away, his brother Art, then when he passes away, their other brother Klaas

M – Pastor Menno

N – slick David the honeyman

O – Andy the Schekjbenjel

P – Arnold the Heathen

Q – Come on now, does anyone’s name really start with the letter Q?

R – Sam, the one who still lives in his mother’s (your aunt) basement

S – Russell the undertaker

T – Dylan the worship pastor

U – Herman, the one who’s been working on his Bible School diploma for six years now but never seems to pass Dr. Friesen’s New Testament class

V – no one

W – Elder Heinrich

Z – William the Hutterite


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