Young Mennonite Yells ‘OK Boomer’ During Pastor’s Sermon


Pastor Dave at South Hutchinson Mennonite was right in the middle of extolling the virtues of long dresses and suspenders, when Alexis Pankratz, 22, rolled her eyes and yelled “ok, boomer!” as loud as she could muster. The interruption was caught on camera and made the rounds on this thing called the Internet.

“I’ve heard that man’s sermons for more than a decade now and, believe me, they haven’t gotten any better,” said Pankratz, in defence of her actions. “It’s all ‘men should do this,’ and ‘women should do that.’ I’ve had enough of that boomer nonsense.”

As a result of the miniature protest, the divide between Generation Z and Boomers has widened at the South Hutchinson, to the point where they don’t even sit with each other during faspa.

“Mr. Adrian tried to pass me a slice of ham and I was like, ‘okay, boomer,’ and took my peeled carrots to another table,” said Pankratz. “I’m not sure how much longer I can attend a church full of boomers.”

In an effort to repair the damage, Pastor Dave offered Alexis and her friends the chance to lead worship the next Sunday.

“It worked out pretty good,” explained Pankratz. “We even played a few songs with electric guitar until some old woman stood-up and yelled, ‘okay, millennial’ at the top of her lungs.”

Pankratz made it very clear to the boomers present that she and all of the other members of the worship team that Sunday were most certainly not millennials.

“Get it straight! We’re Generation Z!” yelled Pankratz.

The two sides met after the service and eventually found common ground in their mutual disdain for millennials.

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