Mennonite Couple Can’t Figure Out Whether to Go to Winkler or Morden Chicken Chef


Local couple Agnes and Peter Thiessen were left in quite the quandary when trying to figure out which Chicken Chef to go to after church this past Sunday.

“Normally we go to the Shacken Shaf in the Vankla,” said Agnes, “but I figured, oba, it’s time to change things up once.”

Agnes and Peter live slightly closer to Winkler than Morden, but decided after thirty years they would check out the Chicken Chef in neighbouring Morden.

“Oba, when we went inside all the Mordeners turned around to look at us,” said Agnes. “They stared so long their gravy was getting cold.”

Meanwhile the Winkler Chicken Chef put out an All Points Bulletin for the missing couple.

“They really had us worried,” said Winkler Chicken Chef manager Bill Berg. “The Thiessens haven’t missed a Sunday in decades.”

The Thiessens claim that the chicken in Morden is “much better” but the service is friendlier in Winkler, “es-pashly since dey’re all my frintschoft what work there.”

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