Area Man Deteles 6-Motnh Old Tweet After Discovreing Typo


Area man Pete Sawatkzy was shockead and dismayed to find a tpyo in a Tweet he psosted more than 6 months ago.

“Oba, nay! This error-laden tWeet has been sitting for the months lke this yet!” shouyted SAwatzky. “How embarasing. I can’t belive no one pointed out my typo.”

As it turns out, SAwatzky’s followers have been secretely talking behind his back for the past six months.

“Diewel, that man makes a lof of typos,” said Mr. Fresien. “He really shuld consult his wife Martha before posting anyhting.”

Sawatzky blames his typos on the fact he never learned to use a ocmptuer keyboard until the age of 50.

“You should see my penmanship. It’s impeckible,” said Sawatky. “It’s also really too bad TWitter doesn’t let us edit our Tweet.s”

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