Oba, But Winkler Already is a “Sanctuary City” Yet


A protest in Winkler this week had some people calling for the creation of a “sanctuary city” where people would be free to do the opposite of what makes sense just to be contrarian. However, the declaration missed one simple fact: Winkler already has more sanctuaries than any town in Manitoba…with the possible exception of like, Steinbach, or something.

“There’s the MC sanctuary, the EMMC sanctuary, and the EMB sanctuary….” said Mr. Wiebe, “the EMMMMC sanctuary, the RMC sanctuary, the SMC sanctuary, the GMC sanctuary, the FEBC sanctuary, a couple Baptist sanctuaries, and the Lutheran sanctuary if you count that…”

Mr. Wiebe went on like this counting all the local sanctuaries.

“We’ve got the MCF, FCM, HCF, TELC, OCMC, and SDBF,” said Wiebe, running out of fingers. “We’ve got the PCC, the WEMM, the WMC–they’ve got an amazing sanctuary there–there’s the CVC, the MCM and the MBs–they’ve even got a baptismal tank–there’s the WMM, the WWFs and the WTFs…”

Mr. Wiebe was counting sanctuaries for over an hour before the protestors decided he was right, put down their signs, and went home.

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