‘Tin Foil Hats Over Masks’ Group to Stage Massive Protest


It’s a movement that has swept the nation in recent months and this weekend the infamous Tin Foil Hats Over Masks group is planning to stage protests in cities across the country.

“First off, I’d like to clear up a common misconception. A lot of people think we’re anti-mask. We’re not. We’re all about freedom. In this case, the freedom to wear tin foil hats,” said event organizer and MLM salesperson Jenny. “Have you ever tried wearing a tin foil hat and a mask at the same time? Really hard to breathe and you get terrible hat hair.”

Tin Foil Hats Over Masks have recruited a wide range of experts to speak at their upcoming events.

“We’ve got just the sort of high quality scholars and intellectuals you’d come to expect at a Tin Foil Hats Over Masks rally,” said Jenny. “And the best thing is that not a single one of them is educated or knowledgeable in any way. That’s how you know you can trust them. They’re just making shit up.”

Jenny then went on to admit that the “massive” crowd was actually just a couple defrocked chiropractors and half the congregation from a local cult.

(photo credit: Rory112233/CC)

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