Wife Frustrated With Husband’s Inability to Take a Flattering Selfie


Area woman Erin Peters, 31, became completely fed up this past weekend with her husband Bob’s complete inability to take an attractive selfie.

“That man is totally inept when it comes to taking selfies,” explained Peters. “And the worst part is, he just posts them on Facebook without a care in the world.”

Bob Peters tends to take selfies from below, rather than the more flattering position from above. He also makes no effort to focus the camera, place it at an appropriate angle, or in any way take note of his personal grooming habits before snapping the photo.

“It’s really embarrassing,” complained Erin. “I spend hours trying to make my profile look presentable and he ruins it all by taking some picture of his beer gut and then tagging me in it.”

Erin Peters says she has trouble explaining to all her online friends that her husband is actually much more attractive than his selfies make it appear.

“In real life he bears more than passing resemblance to the late Humphrey Bogart,” said Erin. “On Facebook, however, he looks more like Frankenstein’s monster.”

Peters is considering confiscating her husband’s iPhone until he learns how to not make a fool of himself.

(photo credit: Steven Dopolo/CC)

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